Local races in Vacaville and surrounding communities

A 501)c)3 Non - Profit Running Organization

Our Mission

 Support Our Society  is a 501.3 (c) non-profit organization, and our mission is to  pro-actively coach and educate our youth that running, combined with proper nutrition and diet will help create a higher standard of mind and body. We establish trail running events of the highest  possible quality with the lowest possible fee's. Some of our proceeds allow us to engage with youth fitness organizations, (regardless of disabilities, handicaps etc.).

We also engage with other non profit organizations and pro actively assist them by increasing revenue for their community based programs.
Community is belonging to a group that shares common values.  A community should also provide a safe environment and a sense of connection and belonging that binds us together for the common good of all. 

  Core Values:
It’s not about who crosses the finish line first, it’s about giving it your best effort, and by helping others to achieve his or her best.
All non-profits strive to serve humanity based on their set of core values, and mission profile. Our core value is based on the belief that running at any age leads to a more productive life style, but an early start is best. Youth is our communities most precious resource.

A portion of race revenue goes to support community youth running clubs.

Donations accepted at registration check out